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Sanitation and Hygiene

The use of a toilet is one of life's necessities that we often take for granted until it is not available, the same with running water and electricity. In the aftermath of a major disaster, plumbing and water will be interrupted and may be down for days or even weeks. It's best to get prepared now! Here is a March 7,2011 article from the BBC detailing what the citizens of Christchurch are enduring after their Feb 22 quake. Christchurch Survivors Article

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Travelers Aid - 73 Piece
Personal Hygiene and First Aid Kit

Kit Includes:

1 - The Smart Bag
1 - Hydrogen Peroxide
1 - Ace Bandage
1 - AMA 35 Page First Aid Guide
20 - Single Plastic Bandages
1 - Fingertip bandage
1 - Knuckle Bandage
2 - 2x3 Patch Bandages
2 - Eye Pads
2 - Single Blistex
4 - Non Aspirin
4 - Alcohol Wipes
2 - Burn Free
1 - SPF 30 Wipe
1 - Insect Sting Relief Single
1 - Plastic Razor
1 - Toothbrush w/toothpaste

1 - Toilet paper-single roll
1 - Comb
1 - 2oz Hand Sanitizer
1 - .5oz Deodorant
1 - Maxipad in a box
2 - Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap
2 - Wet Naps (3 pack)
1 - Shower in a Bag (pack of 8)
1 - Pocket Tissue
1 - Camp Mirror
1 - Tweezers
1 - Doctors Penlight
1 - 5'' Scissors
1 - Mayday Large Solar Blanket
2 - Waterproof Tape
4 - 2x2 Sterile Gauze Pads
2 - 3x3 Sterile Gauze Pads
2 - 4x4 Sterile Gauze Pad


Personal Hygiene Kit

Includes; 2 Toothbrushes, Maxi Pad, Tissue, Toilet Paper, 6 Wet Naps. Packed in a zip lock bag.


H1N1 Information from your Provincial or Territorial Government

Map Courtesy of Public Health Agency of Canada

Ontario Newfoundland and Labrador Prince Edward Island Québec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Manitoba Yukon Alberta British Columbia Northwest Territories Nunavut Saskatchewan Canadian Map

Fight the H1N1 flu virus. Flash Player 9 is required.Fight the H1N1 flu virus

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