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Midland WR-300 All Hazards Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio

Midland WR 300 Weather Alert Radio The new Midland WR-300 AM/FM Clock Radio, digital all-hazard alert radio features the SAME technology including new AMBER alerts. Receives all 7 channels of Environment Canada/NOAA weather alert system.

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With regular weather alert radios you can be awakened all night by alerts from areas too far away to effect you. Now if the alert sounds you know it is for your area.

This model can automatically alert you by specific county or area. Up to 30 areas may be programmed. False alarms are eliminated. This model receives all seven weather channels.

The three-line LCD displays 48 different watches or warnings. The display is backlit (backlight is switchable). Three LED lights indicate at a glance the alert status (statement, watch or warning).

The WR-300 has its own telescopic antenna plus has an external antenna jack (RCA phono). There is also an accessory jack (3.5mm mini) for keying optional external alert devices such as strobe lights or pillow vibrators. There is even an Audio Output jack for headphones or to feed an external audio amplifier. The built in digital AM/FM radio automatically switches to incoming alerts. The alert siren volume is adjustable.

This device also serves as a digital clock (12 hours format). Install four alkaline AA batteries (not included) to ensure use during power outages. One year limited factory warranty.


  • Continuous Backlighting Option - Keeps the LCD display on
  • Event Expiration Indicator - Tells when a statement/warning has expired
  • S.A.M.E. Localized Reception - Lets you specify if you want to receive alerts from one county or multiple counties
  • 7 Environment Canada and N.O.A.A. Channels With AM/FM Radio - coverage for reception in 92% of Canada
  • 23 Programmable Counties - Memory system allows for user setting of up to 23 different counties
  • User-Selectable Warning System - 90 dB siren alarm, voice alert or visual red LED flasher
  • Time and Alarm Clock With Full Time Display - 12-hour clock display with date, alarm and snooze
  • Ability To Add And Remove Alerts - Be able to program the alerts for your area (flash flood, tornado, etc.)
  • Emergency Power Backup - Keeps your radio operating during power outages or outdoor use

    What is S.A.M.E.? S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) allows this radio to be programmed to sound an alert only when weather and other emergencies threaten the selected county (or counties). This technology eliminates all other alerts which are only intended for locations outside the selected area. Weather and other emergencies can occur at any time, day or night. Without S.A.M.E., you could be unnecessarily alerted at any hour for an emergency as far as 100 miles away.

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